2. Vehicles with 8" Factory Screen

Console Picture: 

Parent Vehicle: 

Ford Ranger 2015-2018 PX MkII

Linked Products: 

ADVMFD1 Adaptiv Mini aftermarket camera interface to suit Ford various models
APA59 Headunit antenna adapter
APA67 Factory radio antenna adaptor
APS21 Speaker plug adaptors to suit Ford & Mazda - various models
APS277 6.5" Speaker spacers to suit Ford ranger front doors & Mazda bt-50 front/rear doors
APS278 6.5" Speaker spacers to suit Ford ranger rear doors
APSBFRBT 10" Integrated vehicle enclosure to suit Ford ranger & Mazda bt-50
CT10FD09 T-harness to suit Ford
FP9129CT Double din install kit to suit Ford everest & ranger px2 & px3 8" display sync3 systems