2. Navigation

Console Picture: 


The Navigation model is an LND1420IWMD and requires an antenna adapter

Parent Vehicle: 

Hyundai Elantra 2013-2015 MD3

Linked Products: 

APA47 Headunit antenna adapter
APA64 Factory radio antenna adaptor
APHYUSB6 USB retention to suit
APP087 Primary iso harness to suit Hyundai & Kia - various models
APS295 Speaker spacers to suit Hyundai,
APUNISW5 Universal steering wheel control interface
APVHY01 Video retention to suit Hyundai
CHHY8N Steering wheel control interface to suit Hyundai - various models with OEM navigation
CT10HY04 T-harness to suit Hyundai, Kia
FP8086 Facia to suit Hyundai