Our CB Radio antennas are all now made with 100% Stainless steel Spring and body construction making them suitable for all the harsh conditions that the Australian environment can throw at them. All antennas are pre-tuned to a standard of a VSWR or 1:1.15 or better.

CBW30 3Dbi 477mhz whip uhf antenna


The Aerpro CBW30 3dBi 477MHz UHF Whip Antenna is compatible with all brands of 477MHz UHF CB Radios in Australia and New Zealand. With 3dBi gain, this low gain antenna has a broad radiation pattern which is best suited for short range communication in highly built up areas including cities, dense woodlands and mountain regions. It produces a wider UHF signal compared to higher gain antennas which is less likely to be impacted by obstructions in these landscapes. The compact 380mm antenna features a high quality whip mounted to an integrated short coil spring which is weather sealed. Its perfect for installing on vehicles that are prone to vibration such as trucks, agricultural machinery and off-road vehicles. The CBW30 is a ground independent antenna and can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle; for the best performance it should be positioned as high as practical. It is fitted with 4.8 metre RG58 coaxial cable which is pre-terminated with an FME connector making it easy to install through the firewall grommet in vehicles. An FME to UHF PL259 screw on adaptor is also included for hassle-free installation.

  • Suitable for use with all 477 MHz UHF CB Radios in Australia and New Zealand
  • 3dBi Gain, has a broad radiation pattern suitable for short range communication
  • Suitable for use in areas with obstructions such as cities, dense woodlands or mountain regions
  • Recommended for use on trucks, agricultural machinery and off-road vehicles
  • 380mm total length whip which is weather sealed and vibration resistant
  • Ground independent means it can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle
  • 4.8 metre RG58 coaxial cable, insulated to reduce signal interference
  • FME connector, fitted to cable for ease of installing through the firewall grommet in vehicle
  • FME to PL259 adaptor included, for solder free installation
  • Frequency: 477MHz
  • Gain: 3dBi
  • Main Colour: Black
  • Ground Independent: Yes
  • Elevated Feed: No
  • Total Length: 380mm
  • Mast Length: 335mm
  • Mast Width: 10mm
  • Mast Type: Plastic Tube Whip
  • Spring Type: Light Duty Integrated Coil
  • Mounting Thread: 10mm
  • Mast Mounting Thread Size: N/A
  • Cable Type: RG58 Terminated with Female FME
  • Cable Length: 4.8 Metre (approx)
  • Included Accessories:
    • FME to PL259 Adaptor
    • Mounting Nut