APX4CBRK 1 Axis camera bracket - No longer available from wholesaler


The APX4CBRK is a camera bracket for the Aerpro APHUBX4 drone. The bracket is a one-axis gimbal that has a +80 degree to -50 degree range of motion. The mount features shock absorbers to help stabilise camera recordings and a transmission cable connects between the gimbal and drone allowing movement commands to be sent from the drones remote control.

  • Allows camera to be mouted to the Aerpro APHUBX4 drone
  • 80 Degree to -50 degree range of motion allows the camera position to be adjusted
  • Built in shock absorbers help reduce vibrations and stabilise the camera for smooth recordings
  • Angle of gimbal is controlled from the APHUBX4 remote control
  • Precision of Control: +/- 0.03 Degrees
  • Range of Motion: Pitch, +80 Degrees to -50 Degrees
  • Stability Features: Shock absorbers


Product is no longer for sale and has been Discontinued from production.