Universal ISO connecters and extension cables will suit European cars and any of our other ISO harnesses. Universal Steering Wheel Control Adapters are programmable to most vehicles.

APUIR Universal ir adaptor


Unit enables control of an aftermarket Head unit (with IR control) from the steering wheel controls of an analog vehicle, allowing up to 10 buttons to be programmed. Once the IR commands are learnt, the data will be stored in flash memory to ensure retention when power is removed.
The Head unit must have a remote control handset for the IR Adaptor to learn from.
Compatible with most IR remote control systems operating between 36-40 kHz.
Not suitable for Sony HiR models.

Alfa Romeo 147 / 156 2000 on - Mid/High Blaupunkt
Alfa Romeo GT 2004 on - Mid/High Blaupunkt
Holden Captiva 2007 on
Ford Fiesta 2003 on, Focus 2001 on, Mondeo 2003 on (except Ghia) - Visteon 4050/5000/6000/6006/7000
Hyundai Santa FE 2006 ON, i30 2007 on -
Mazda 2
Peugot 206/306 2000 - 2002 - Philips RB1,RD1, 22RC200,
Clarion PU2325A, PU2294
Subaru Imprezza / Forester 2007 on
Suzuki Swift / Vitara 2005 on - Panasonic PACR01 / PACR02
Toyota Avensis/Yaris/Corolla/ Rav4 ( with steering wheel controls) - Fujitsu Ten / Matsushita

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