Sound proofing material

AMM1 1 sheet maxmatt 46cmx80cm - No longer available from wholesaler


1SHEET MAXMATT 46CMX80CM SOUND DEADENING MATERIAL *Maximum sound deadening material for reducing noise and vibration
*Easily moulds to the contours of the metal or fiberglass interior surface of your vehicle
*Extra sticky butyl layer of MAXMATT stays firmly in place once it is applied and absorbs road noise, panel rattle and vibration
*The Aluminum layer keeps your vehicle cool in addition to lessening the sound.
*Can be used on doors, booth and bonnet lids, floors and roof.
*MAXMATT is also heat resistant
*MAXMATT can be cut to size
*MAXMATT can be used to stop unwanted car bonnet rattle


Product is no longer for sale and has been Discontinued from production.