The original Adaptiv is a dynamic multimedia product designed to evolve your vehicle’s system without the need to change your original stereo. A simple installation of the interface will allow you to receive the benefits of beautifully rendered navigation, reverse camera connectivity, video playback, DAB radio, and a host of connection types for your devices including USB, Aux, SD and HDMI.

ADVBT Adaptiv bluetooth add on


The ADVBT Bluetooth module add-on (currently available for BMW and some Audi units only) allows both handsfree calling and music streaming via A2DP. The handsfree function allows the user to view and dial from their phonebook, view recents, favourites, voice dial and also dial via the onscreen keypad. The module is also supplied with a microphone, which can be installed in a suitable location. The A2DP streaming feature, allows the user to play and control all their music wirelessly from a compatible A2DP smartphone/music device.

  • Plug and play compatible with BMW Adaptiv interfaces and Audi ADVAU3, ADVAU4 interfaces
  • Control via OEM controls
  • Bluetooth handsfree profile
  • Contacts, Recents, Favourites, Keypad and Voice Dialling
  • A2DP music streaming including track name display
  • Includes microphone

Bluetooth add on for Adaptiv Interface
* Module
* Harness
* Microphone